Brendan’s world


welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

I am Head of Tern TV, Belfast. Have a look at our website -

We are pretty good at what we do. Clever pleasure.

Otherwise I am a highly experienced, versatile programme maker, equally at home as a documentary director, a live television producer or director, or a series producer.

Oh and I am a bloody brilliant Exec. Just ask anybody who knows me.

I make films that are highly visual and entertaining, and am as comfortable working in arts programmes, music television, or current affairs as I am with history and archaeology, live television and corporate films. I have made reality shows like The Blitz, The Diets that Time Forgot, ballet -“Frankenstein!” for BBC FOUR, and have  produced 66 live OBS for BBC1 simultaneously across 28 hours of broadcast.

I manage both large and small teams, and know how to squeeze blood out of a budget.

Extensive foreign filming experience: USA, Peru, Costa Rica, Borneo, Vietnam, Egypt, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Arctic Circle.

I also self shoot. Because you have to.

My CV has a list of people with whom I have worked. Some of them are fun. Hunter S Thompson was a hoot.....

07973 687 289